1 de noviembre de 2010

God Watch Over You - DJ Gedeon (2010) Recomendado

God Watch Over You - DJ Gedeon (2010) Recomendado

Artist: DJ Gedeon
Album: God Watch Over You
Release Date: 2010
Style: Electro Worship


01. Awesome God (Nuckless Electro Mix) / Gospel Acapella
02. God Will Set Me Free (Nuckless Electro Mix) / Mc. Crown
03. Never Alone (Nuckless Prog Mix) / Barlow Girls
04. God?s Love / DJ OniX Brazil and Paul
05. Zion
06. Take Me Higher (Nuckless Elektra Mix) / AJ Mora
07. Destination Heaven (NCK and ChB Mix) / DJ Frank Nuckles
08. Heart Of Worship
09. Place In This World (Nuckless Filter Mix) / Michael W. Smith
10. The Dream (Alejandro Cesar Rmix) / Gpowered
11. Love Inside V2 / DJ Onix Feat. Andy P.
12. Eres Digno



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